pci dual monitor card for dell t3500

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  1. need a cheap PCI card recomendation for a dell t3500

    i have 2 pci-express cards and want to add a 3rd card in the pci slot...

    currently running 6 monitors using fx580, nvs 290, and triple head to go

    i have a couple old nvs 270s but no driver from nvidia for win7 so no go...

    any other ideas??
  2. prefer passive cooling and dual dvi output
  3. You probably don't need to use a PCI slot just yet. Try a 290 PCIEx1 card mounted in the x8 slot.
  4. Those cards are like $90 though right? I've never owned a T3500 so I'm not sure how many PCIe slots they have. They may only have two PCIe and one eX1 slot.

    OP FWIW, i've had a really hard time with PCI cards in W7x64. What is your OS? If you don't care about graphics speeds you can pick up an old Matrox G450-quad card on the cheap (ebay or I have some) and then use one of your NVS290's for 6-mon.

    Or just keep your eyes peeled for a NVS 290 PCIeX1 (the small slot) on ebay.
  5. Cheap 290s can be $25-ish on eBay.

    T3500s have an X58 mobo with 2, x16s, 2, x8s wired as x4, and 2 PCI.


    As a side note... Are you getting ready to dump your crummy X5690s for your upgrade? Heard Dell is coming with Precision T3600, T5600, T7600... :>)
  6. Yes, that card. Seller should provide the dongle... but if not, here's a link to eBay... there's one Buy It Now for $4.49

  7. jokepie


    I am running a GEforce 6200 PCI with 9800GTs. Any series of PCI below 6200 won't work with newer card drivers.
    I would not recomment PCI card as there is a visible performance difference when they run togetter.

    I recommend replace one of the cards with e better NVS 420.
  8. Question on those splitters - will that create 2 independent connections that can be used on multiple monitors or do those just mimic the main screen and broadcast the same image on multiple monitors?

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