PC wont recognize AGP card

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by easyrider, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. Hope someone here has run into this problem before. Ive got an 850 Athalon that I put together myself and have gone through many modifications with it. Originally it had an AGP graphics card and worked fine. I have had many different configurations of video cards for multiple monitors since then and now, for some reason, it will not recognize an AGP card. If I put it in with a pci card it will recognize the pci card but not the agp. If I put the agp in alone it will not work at all. I have set the bios back to default and done every other thing I could think of without success. Help?

    p.s. Using Win2000
  2. Sittas


    I had the same problem and in my case
    the solution was pretty simple.

    In the bios switch the primary video
    adapter to agp. That was all it took
    on my comp.

    Hope this works for you.

    Happy trading,

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  5. Thanks but initial display is set to AGP in the bios. I may reinstall the os just to see what happens.
  6. gnome


    Before you reinstall the OS, maybe you can try just reinstalling the chipset driver??
  7. TGregg


    Not sure how far along you are, but here's the path I'd follow:

    Check versions. There are at least three versions of AGP (and may be four, haven't been watching much lately). You may have a video card that only goes down to AGP2 and a mainboard that only does AGP1.

    Next make sure the AGP is enabled. First I'd check BIOS, but some mainboards have a jumper to do this :(. Then take out everything you can (PCI video cards, NICs, sound cards, speakers, monitors, mice, keyboards, vibrating chair :D, etc. - everything but the AGP video card and that monitor, CPU, memory, mainboard and PS) and see if that works.

    If you do not get a boot up screen (VGA text that says something like "UltraGeneric ROM 12/19/1973" :D and lots of other information that flashes on the screen too quickly to read) then your OS is not the problem, your hardware is fuxored somehow. It might still be some settings problem or incompatability problem, but it might not. If you reach this point, I'd suggest hitting technical forums, like www.sharkyextreme.com and forums.anandtech.com.

    Oh, and I'd try the latest bios instead of the earliest. And, poke around your mainboard's manufacter's website for any reports of problems and solutions. And, fire off an email to that company. It'll take a few days to get an answer, but they might have one.
  8. TGregg


    If you do not see anything, listen for beeps from your computer and watch for odd light flashing. Some mainboards will post an error code by flashing the power light and/or beeping in a pattern. Then you get to dig up the manual and decode the pattern to get the error code, which hopefully will be better than "Error in powerup".