PC took long time to boot up, help please.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Learner, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. Learner


    Recently my PC took twice long time to boot up. No new softwares installed....Can anyone tell me why?

  2. might of just been an automatic upgrade. does it still do it everytime?
  3. At which point does it hang up and wait... is it while you have the big Windows screen or after the desktop appears?
  4. ozzy


    any new drivers installed?

    God I hate trouble shooting mobos/systems. I used to work for a GFX chip company sitting there trying to figure out what was wrong had to be one of the most annoying things in my life.
  5. omniscient

    omniscient Guest

    short answer: no, i can't. :(

    however, a couple of things may help others help you:

    1. what OS are you running?
    2. after the long boot process did you run any type of diagnostic software that may help narrow down or even pin-point issues affecting the boot process?

    also, you might want to check out:

    i think it is specific to XP but not totally sure. also, it mentions an app called Bootvis which is no longer offered by Msft. you can, however, google it and find it elsewhere (free).

    if it is XP you can run Msconfig and see what's going on in your startup config. you may have some rogue app mucking it up for you. i think the above link also mentions msconfig.


    take care -

  6. mhashe


    quit looking at porn on your trading PC.
  7. omniscient

    omniscient Guest

    yeah, you need to get your priorities straight - get a dedicated porn server :D
  8. Or just a DVD player and some movies.... sheesh. :D
  9. saico


    Maybe there is still a CD or DVD in your CD/DVD drive which need to be removed.
  10. Babak


    do an online scan for trojans/viruses

    try starting up in safemode

    do you have a firewall? if not atleast get ZoneAlarm

    hope that helps
    #10     Aug 19, 2005