Pc Network PC Time Sync Required:HOW ???

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Digs, Sep 2, 2003.

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    I have two PCs , one with a data feed for charts the other gets data from the other for scanning.

    How can I sync time of PC1 with PC2 to ensure the time and date are exact when starting PC ups...

    PC1 is XP and PC2 is Win 2000 and I want PC2 to Sync with PC1...

    IS the any freeware software tools or other means...

    Please advise...and thx in advance...
  2. www.worldtimeserver.com

    You can download a little application that syncs your computer to the atomic clock.


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  4. A relatively easy to use atomic time synch program is available at:


    With this program, you can run one of your LAN computers as the server and the second computer you can update to the time off your first computer. I presume that you already have the right time on one computer? If not, use the server computer to automatically connect to the atomic clock via the internet to keep both PCs on the right time.
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    I wanted to set the program to my server PC, So I used my IP address for the server pc, but it wouldn't connect to server, any ideas of getting it to work off a server pc. The home web sit does seam to offer any help, nor the read me file ..