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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by praetorian2, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. Hey,

    About 6 months ago there was a great thread on what to do if your pc keeps crashing. I had intended to work on mine during the summer b/c it has a similar problem.

    I cannot find that thread now. Any idea what happened to all older threads?

    How bout we start a new one instead maybe?

    My pc has 2 monitors and is a custom built one. About once or twice a day, it freezes up and nothing works at all. The mouse can move for about 20 seconds and then that freezes too. Any idea why, or what to do?
  2. Thanx, I do not think it is the OS, but I never will know.

    I really wish I could find that other older thread. Is barron errasing them now?

    I think it is something hardware related.
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    Are your video drivers up to date ? Do you use a software to clean up junk regularly. I use "system mechanic" to keep crap off, but one has to be careful what is erased. I use xp pro but found SP1 really messed up computers so reformated and although I update from microsoft have'nt downloaded SP1.
  4. I have win 2k. I really do not think it is a software thing. I have had this problem since I got the computer.
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    That could be alot of things, hardware or software.

    If its not software related my first hardware guess would be bad stick of memory. When memory goes bad it will usually freeze up a system like that, especially when running programs that stress memory/cpu (games, graphic programs, etc...).

    If you feel comfortable cracking open the case and pulling parts try swapping the memory for a known good stick or removing one if there are two. There is also a freeware program called MemTest that will test for bad or flakey memory. You can run this test without having to open the case.

    Hope this helps.

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