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    Building new PC.

    Case what I need now.

    Looking at Lian-Li PC70 but the $$$$.

    Any alternatives that would be the same size, durability, quality, etc but lower $$$.




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    I was reading the New York Times and saw someone who put their PCs into a toaster, humidor and a few other extraneous objects. You might as well put into into a file cabinet or small wooden cabinet. Much cheaper and looks better.:)
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    PC cabinets should be metal and tested for the blocking of radio interference. Wooden cabinets are not appropriate radio wave blockers and are a fire hazard. Proper ventilation of today's computer components is essential.

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    Aluminum seem the way to go except for $$$$$.


  6. I have a chieftec case - it is not too expensive and does the trick just right. Buy a few extra fans for a few bucks and the case will do you right without going big buck for the LianLi.


    I bought a blue one with an acrylic door for $80 something a few months ago (including powers supply). These are aluminum which keeps the weight down and may dissipate heat better but I have heard differing opinions on that issue.
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  8. Aluminium case are more mythic than real and efficient for the heat question. A heavy metal case do a better job against noise, but not perform better for the heat, many website have do the proof that the heat is about the same level with or without aluminium.

    The first challenge in the PC Case are the cable which limit airflow circulation inside the case, and this is why the oldier flat IDE cable are not the best product if you have the choice for a modern technology. You can choose for SATA IDE which their cable are small and round or for the P-ATA you can choose alternative to flat cable with a round cable that are now available.

    BTW, choose a good power supply, this is very important if you want a reliable PC.
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    I put all the componets of the last one I built in one of those small mini refrigerators, keeps everything cool and I can still put two six packs in there.
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    I've seen various posts about computer noise, and it seems to be a legitimate issue...

    But, c'mon, seriously...How loud can a computer get? Enough to actually bitch about it? Evidently so. Are you guys working in sound proof rooms where you can here a fart from a knats ass?

    Just trying to understand is all.
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