PBS Report on Wall Street

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  1. well, I like the oboe in the introduction. You don't hear that much oboe any more.

    On a side note, the Netherlands has come to an agreement for a partial remibursement for those that lost everything in the tulip boom.

    The easiest way to protect the people from Wall Steet is to just prohibit them from participating anymore.

    All publicly traded companies should be turned back over to the shareholders.
  2. The beginning of the program states that the financial sector in the US today is twice the size of the manufacturing sector. Therein, lies the problem. Paper shuffling, pencil pushing and gambling. Labor is where a nation gains economic prosperity.
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  4. The financial sector grows like debt. Everyone keeps feeding it.

    "At the end of 2011, the level of domestic nonfinancial debt outstanding was $38.3 trillion, of which household debt was $13.2 trillion, nonfinancial business debt was $11.6 trillion, and total government debt was $13.5 trillion."

    "As of beginning 2011 total debt was $57 Trillion ($40.8 trillion private household/business/financial sector debt PLUS $16.2 trillion federal, state and local government debt)."
  5. It's interesting that JP Morgan is the "inventor" of the derivatives that caused the mess, then when Bear Stearns blows up, the feds backstop JP Morgan by $30Billion to assume the obligations of Bear Stearns to keep the world from collapsing. Only on Wall St. It is logical that nobody nows the system beter than he who invented it, but on one hand it seems like the rapist is the PTSD Counselor.
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    sounds like Iceland before they f***
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    Iceland is now laughing at the eurozone for their stupined moves.
  8. Lol! Lay out the minefield, then when the suckers step on them and blow themselves up, you can rummage through their pockets for any valuables.....

    Like in Les Miserables:

    Watch 'em run amuck
    Catch 'em as they fall.
    Never know your luck when there's a free-for-all.
    Here a little dip
    There a little touch.
    Most of them are goners so they won't miss much!