PBS on Clinton and UN's failure that led to Rwandan genocide

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  1. 100 days 800,000 dead while Madeline Albright and the UN debate the meaning of genocide and then blame congress.

    The world failed these people.

    That was the moment when the UN become useless.
  2. Couldn't intervene... too busy occupying Ruby Ridge instead.
  3. shit,
    ya can't trust that liberal outlet aka pbs.
  4. I know, who the hell do they think they are actually reporting the news instead of covering it up for the Clinton Admin???

    They need to be more like the NY Times and just report lies or nothing at all.
  5. if ya want unbiased data, try al-jazeerza.
    it's fair n balanced just like that other netwk.
  6. Rwandan genocide was not Clinton's or this country's responsibility. The UN did have legal authority over the issue and should have interfered but neither Clinton nor Madeline Albright were the UN Secretary-General at the time.

    Sprut, you're obsessed with Clinton.
  7. Ignorance making new highs.
  8. sputdr wishes to service clinton the way monica did.
    ya closet gay.
  9. The RSI on "Ignorance" has been deeply overbought for the last 18 months.
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