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  1. what's the difference in these (2)?

    should one go up more in an up mkt?
    are they affected differently by USD fluctions
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    I believe the difference is voting rights.
  3. hmmmm so why don't they move 1 penny by 1 penny... whats the reason for the price diff
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    Making stuff up but perhaps some investors aren't allowed to buy shares that don't carry voting rights so there could be supply demand imbalances.

    Also the borrow in one might be tough. I remember looking at this many years ago but the "edge" wasn't enough for us to pair trade it.
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    PRB.A: Each ADR represents 2 preferred Petrobras shares.

    PBR: Each ADR represents 2 ordinary Petrobras shares.
  7. Yes i've day-traded both of these equities at times, almost exclusively

    One is common (PBR) one is perferred (pbr.a)

    Pbr- Is slightly higher priced (28.27 todays close)

    Pbr.a- Is slightly lower priced (25.96 todays)

    Pbr [common] is more liquid and has a bigger intraday range

    Pbr.a is a little less liquid and has smaller intraday range

    Both trade pretty much together as far a Net change on the day.

    Both trade nice volume and have about 1k-5k shares available on both the bid and ask throughout the day, to trade