PBR PETROLEO BRASILEIRO almost a guaranteed bet.

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  1. My personal feeling about this company is soooo positive. I'm in long. Missed the split by a few points but she is still going strong. IMHO.......just like holding pocket bullets:D
  2. dream on. $220 bil cap added in a year.better understand the company before you talk.pbr has already said brazil wants a slice of all profits and they said other gov'ts want a piece.
  3. My call.......... over $90 by end of June.
  4. traders commandment #2: thou shall nevah speak the blasphemous word that starts with "G" and ends with "uaranteed", for this trade shall be cursed.

    Looks like a fair trade, though. One might enter at the $72 level or $70 if that breaks, but crude would have to come down to the low 120's to warrant this. Be patient, PBR is looking a little to "vertical" to just jump in here.
  5. Fair comment. I've been a "Trend Follower" since I can remember or at least I try to be.

    This company is only going one way as far as I see. The more vertical the trend the better for my long position.:) I've added a large position at $76 with a 6% trailing stop. Am I crazy for doing this..?? Let's wait and see.
  6. no, not crazy, PBR has been a stud this year, it's just a matter of preference. Crude will have a down day soon, as will PBR, that just looks a little more attractive to me. All of these parabolic moves stop and reverse quick, allowing very nice entries for some. I'm sure you'll make money either way.
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    I've been in this company with a substantial position since early days prior to 2 splits ago, now up well over 800%. On three occasions I've been sorely tempted to trade it, trying to out guess the pullbacks and next run. Each time I found reasons to sit tight and glad I did. At first glance this appears to be good trading stock. However the ups and downs are 2ndary far more to very large entities with their own agendas rather than mom and pop traders trying to play the mo mo run or short game.

    This company is a long term fully vertically integrated world wide positioned investment not a trader; but it has interim high volatility. A six percent stop will most likely be prematurely hit.

    SHort term I've expected a substantial pullback but we keep finding more oil, tying up more Rigs, and having world events perpetuating the oil fear factor. If congress would loosen up off shore drilling here at home we'd quickly stabilize the price of crude but good or bad when is that going to happen with a Demo congress?

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    Better buying bovespa futures...oil goes down, market goes up, bovespa goes up...oil goes up, pbr goes up bovespa goes up.
  9. How could anything in that country not point skyward with such hot chicas?
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    For trading I would agree that futures is a good way to go. For a large long term investment banking on the company's success 5 years plus down the road, it's an early stage 3rd tier company thing...you get in early and hang on for years as the fundamentals drive the investment.

    I've traded many types of futures/derivatives in the past but focus my current trading on penny and low priced/small cap stocks and the mini US stock index futures. I'll have to give some thought to Brazil futures...

    A few years ago I was in Brazil for a week--back when the Real was getting whacked and the Brazilian middle class was in danger of disappearing--amazing that those folks have made such a comback. Still much poverty but seemingly a better understanding among the elite (as opposed to other south of our border cadrones) that the peoples' needs better be addressed. It's likely that Petrobras will have to cough up a bit of the windfall profits eventually coming its way to help the social structure. However PB has shown itself to be adept at working out synergistic relationships with governments. No worries there.

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