Paying YOU $10,000-$50,000 Cash Bounty to hook me up with the right firm

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  1. Yes, you heard correctly: I'll pay a $10,000-$50,000 cash bounty to whoever can introduce me to the right trading firm. Dead serious.

    I've become acquainted with many great guys through ET over the years, and that's exactly who this post is directed at. If I'm 'just another anonymous guy on the internet' to you, you probably won't be able to take this post seriously enough to get in the running for this little bounty.

    OK, here's the story: I've gone through many sharp ups and downs over my lifetime, and 2008 definitely qualifies as the latter. I'm not talking about mentally, Praise Rand- Just trading wise. I've come to the conclusion that trading in near-complete isolation, in an environment completely devoid of other top traders, is just killing my bottom line. I've been putting off seeking a better trading environment (until now), since I was trying to avoid the commute into Chicago every day. Now I'm thinking that signing on with the right Chicago firm may be in my best interests (and theirs) after all. If I find an <b>ideal</b> firm elsewhere in the world, I'd even consider joining them too.

    ***IMPORTANT: I have to mention a few facts about my career history, just to show that I'm not some wannabe piker with nothing to bring to the table. I know that bragging is in very bad taste, and that's really not what I'm trying to do here. Disclosing a few quick stats just seems unavoidable.***

    When I was trading at Schonfeld, I rapidly rose to top. (Schonfeld-Chicago's 2nd highest Golden Age earning trader, out of over 120 guys- Second only to Dmitry himself.) In isolation, there's simply no 'top' for me to rise to, if you understand what I mean. <b>I'm hoping to find a firm containing a solid proprietary edge and multiple big hitters.</b>

    For example- A Chicago Equities/Futures/Options firm (any of these will do, as I'm experienced in pretty much everything but forex) with 60 traders: 2 or 3 of them pulling in 7-figures, and 3 to 6 more of them pulling in heavy 6-figures annually. They have some sort of widely undiscovered proprietary arbitrage software, or some other type of unique edge, ideally with an intra-day time frame. Whatever those top guys are doing, I'd expect to quickly learn to do it too, and at their level of effectiveness. Highly successful firms of this kind are out there, believe it or not. I just need to find one. Whether I'd be trading firm capital or my own is a relatively minor detail- Either way works for me.

    Such a firm could gain an ever-ambitious 33 y.o. trader who's put up 8-figures gross over the course of my career. Everything I've said here can be backed up with tax returns, or any other requested documentation.

    Here's what YOU gain from making this introduction on my behalf: Should I decide to join the firm and everything seems to be working out for the first few weeks, you'll be paid $5,000 cash, exactly one month from the day I start working at this new position. If I'm still there after six months of my start date, you'll then receive another $5,000 cash payment.

    In addition, for the next four years, every time I put up a 7-figure year (not unrealistic- I've already put up three such years, plus last year when I came within just $50K of hitting $1 mil.), you'll be paid another $10,000 cash.

    I'll be happy to answer all of your questions, either in this thread or in response to the impending flood of PM's.

    I'm sure there will be a handful of ET members who will take joy in reading this post- perhaps even thinking it 'pathetic'... All I can say is, I'm so happy I was able to bring some measure of good cheer into your wonderful lives!

    Edit: In pre-emptive response to all the guys asking "How do I know you're not gonna weasel out of paying the bounty...?" I have the pattern recognition skills to determine fairly accurately whether a guy is the type to honor his word, or if he's destined to welch instead... You're a career trader, right? Can't you do it too?
  2. Sorry but thats not so great a deal. I set a mate up with a good client and I was getting 12% a month of his net comms which were substanstial.

    I also helped a bloke get a job at a major US hedge fund and the prick never gave me any business and I knew this bloke why would anyone trust you through ET?
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    What do you trade?
    Specifically, what is your "Bread-n-butter" ?
  4. I can get you hooked up but not for a "maybe 5K". I mean come on RM, if you leave your current environment and try to go with a noisy office after all this time, you may quit before you get started. I know, I've been there and done that.

    If you're really serious let's talk. I can make a few calls and even get u a sit down. I will be gone next week but the week of the 14th is good.

    Secondly, these are friends and it's not so much the money, but I would want to help them also. You have to admit, you might be a great trader, but if you have baggage or a criminal record that's a no-go. I'm not judging you, just putting it down beforehand.

    Have a great 4th all-time for beer, brats, and booms.
  5. RM,

    I know you're a big hitter, but basically you are asking for what every piker on this board is asking for - an edge. The only difference is you're offering to pay up to 50K for it as opposed to getting it for free.

    Asking to join a firm with some big hitters to get your competitive juices going is one thing. Asking to join a firm where "Whatever those top guys are doing, I'd expect to quickly learn to do it too, and at their level of effectiveness" is asking a whole other thing. Frankly, if I were a top trader at one of these firms I wouldn't want you coming in with your size and skills and diluting my edge. And if they have automated software exploiting these edges, why do they need you?

    You've got years of success and experience, why aren't you developing your own new stuff?
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    I love you man :D

    You never cease to amaze me :D :D

    Wish, I could help but I'm just a lone trader in the wilds of Toronto.

    If you ever feel like moving to the great white north I would be happy to split some office space with you (no fee's necessary).

    folks, I once watched Reardon drop 50k in about 15 mins in a poker game- only to make back about 75k in another 15 mins.

    The guy is a machine

  7. Where I come from thats called a fish.
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    i think it is time for you to rejoin IDF.
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    am i wrong or is this not the same Dmitry. They look to have a chicago office, why not apply for a position there?

    I bet another great option for you would be to team people with other skill sets. Id say 1 quant researcher to work with you on ideas, edges and automation, and one marketer/sales.
  10. RM,

    The level of success you're looking for in the top traders at a firm is considerably higher than that I have achieved, and the more income people make the more secretive they become about their edge so finding someone on elite who makes $10k/month to work with is probably 10 times easier than findind someone who makes $100,000/month, however I trade on Skype with a few people I met on elite and the effect on my P/L is enormous. I have all the positive of being in an office, while I still get the excellent focus of trading at home. When the markets get grindy and tough having pairs of eyes I can trust is everything... it may be impossible to find anyone suitable for you over the internet, but if you can find 1 or 2 guys at your level through Elite, or just use guys you already know and convince them to go on Skype with you in real time, it may provide you the benefits of the office without the hastle and costs.
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