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  1. Fortunately he's not my financial advisor. We were shopping for one and sat down for a "free" 1 hour consult.

    My father would agree with your father. Mine was a CPA so I learned frugality and prudent money management at an early age.
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  2. Sig


    You realize how ridiculous you look flailing around here don't you. Let me summarize for you.
    1. You made an unsupportable "never statement".
    2. I disagree and provide 3 examples of "sometimes".
    3. The examples are inconvenient for you so you ignore them.
    4. I again point out the 3 examples.
    5. They're still inconvenient for you, so you try to divert to another example in a stunning lack of basic logic.
    4. I figure that maybe 3 examples was too many, too confusing, so I narrow it down to one.
    5. You are then so set on not admitting, ever (see how I did that), that you could be wrong, that you try to argue that a degree that gets you a $10-25K signing bonus on day one in the Valley isn't worth as much as the same degree from the worst school in the country.

    At this point you're disagreeing to be disagreeable, and making yourself look like a fool in the process. Remember, law of holes "if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging"!
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    Overnight understood what you said perfectly. He is a Millennial, he simply doesn't like debt no matter how good. I am a boomer, I like debt but paid off my house because I could.

    To each his own.
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    Who the F "likes" debt??? This thread is unreal. Find another advisor, terrible advice from him and terrible advice from most people here.
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  5. Debt is a tool, plain and simple, just like a hammer. I like hammers and debt insofar as I can use them for something productive.
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    Again, I gave 3 examples.......if it's "terrible advice" then at least have the courtesy to explain why.
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    If I can borrow at 2.5% (15 year mortgage in 2012), able to deduct the interest from my income tax @ 39% marginal rate, and get 3% - 8% dividends (e.g., HSBC in June 2016 paid 8.5% dividend rate) and only paid 20% marginal tax rate on dividend income, I love it. It is like free money from the IRS.
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    If you like debt, why did you pay your debt off?
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  9. Are there any good discussions here or elsewhere about this kind of safe (relatively) dividend investing? I've been focusing on option spreads for so long I wouldn't know where to start.
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    I think the finance guys on ET have a name for it: A carry trade?
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