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    if the positions are liquid even a "even a ham handedstranger and/ or wife, if given prior instructions and authority can close positions without much difficulty.
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  2. Maybe if I were trading long-only stock positions. What about layered broken wing butterflies? :D
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    simplest is to have instructions to close positions AT MARKET. bluntly, these situations goes with the territory.
    it is wake-up call for all of us. perhaps you should start a thread on the subject.
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    Don't underestimate the peace that one derives from being debt free, even if it is economically inferior.
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  5. So true.
    House paid off and no other debt = plenty of restful nights.
    Can't put a price on that.
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    I paid cash for my place and somewhat regret it - that's a lot of liquidity tied up in a pile of bricks. If I have to get up and move to HK (or if Trump chases me out), I'd be hard pressed to sell it in a hurry.
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    But isn't it true that if you did not pay cash for your place, it would not be yours? There is something to be said about owning one's own home. Once you own your own home, seems it should be easier to get an equity line of credit or something if you need some liquid cash in the short-term.
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    Why sell it in a hurry? You can rent it out, leave and come back after the next President arrives. That way you won't have to look for a place to stay when you come back.

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  9. Hey Steve,
    Your comment about multilayered broken wing butterflies really resonates with me. What percentage of the population even knows what that is, let alone knows what to do with them? I'd bet it is a fraction of 1%, perhaps less than 1 person in 20,000 has any clue about this stuff. I am in the process of cranking up my life insurance coverage (I'm in my early 50's, so the price is still reasonable) to protect my estate in case of sudden premature death. My wife has no idea about this stuff and no inclination to learn it either, so I'm basically stuck with protecting her by simple methods.
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    The hurdle is actually less than the current interest rate because in most cases (assuming you're not in AMT and phase-out income levels) you can write off your interest from your taxes, so there's roughly a 30% discount. That leaves a pretty low hurdle rate.
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