paying more commission on the trade....

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by bla88, May 23, 2011.

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    Hello guys, well i'm starting to trade and to be blunt, i don't have a lot of money to trade the positions that i want to. So my question is, would you pay a low commission and get 20 times leverage or would you pay a higher commission to get a bigger leverage at 100 times? the lower commission for a batch of 100k is about 3 bux each way compaired to about 13 bux for the larger leverage. i wish to trade like 300k at a time but like i said i don't have a big bankroll. so would you suck it up or not? thanks for your inputs.
  2. The right question to ask is not about commissions or leverage. The right question is whether you can take a demo account and make money consistently with it. If you can't, giving you low commissions and high leverage won't do you any good.

    You just lost 1K out of $4,150 live account.