Paying kids to study? WTF is this nonsense

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Clubber Lang, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. "Education really does pay.

    An overwhelming number of schools participating in a controversial program that pays kids for good grades saw huge boosts -- up to nearly 40 percentage points higher -- in reading and math scores this year, a Post analysis found.

    The higher the kids score on tests, the more they get paid: up to a maximum of $50 per test for seventh-graders and up to $25 for fourth-graders."
  2. Mvic


    It isn't anything that I can relate to but as completely stupid wastes of money go these days this is relatively benign. If the fed can waste $1.8 trillion bringing rates down 1% for a couple of months so an approx. 60K households can refinance, this is cheap by comparison and the results are worth more.

    It may be the only way to bypass a segment of the parenting population who, for whatever reason, can't motivate their kids to study. Seems to be working which is more than you can say for most government programs :)