paying for health care in uk

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  1. You should move there then. I'm sure they would love to have someone like you to support.
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  2. Nothing in this life is free...including socialized healthcare. Where are you getting this strange idea that it will be free?
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  3. non profit vs US for profit

    charging for doctor visits just sends people to hospital emergency rooms

    i believe that the US pharma advertising costs are greater than their research-development
    budgets since they have to advertise twice, to the patient and to the doctors etc

    long time since i've been in the UK but there used to be 'private' pay-to-see consultants
    don't know if this extended to surgical proceedures, however it definitely resulted in queue jumping
    if there is also pay-for-proceedure where the surgeon is paid to operate - not sure if
    others involved are also paid, i'm wondering if the surgeon pays the hospital for the
    services used or gets them for free, because i think 'he'd' be then getting those services
    for free but at the expense of the hospital/NHS budget

    Canada's system has modest provincial insurance fees that are subsidized in whole or
    part based on a given income and works well
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