paying attention to details

Discussion in 'Trading' started by howardy2k, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. tuesday was my first down day in about 3 months and it cost me the whole week to make it back.

    my mistake was that i chased a stock but didnot cancel my old limit orders immediately before it was too late ( i got hit with a large market order). to make it short, i ended up being long 30k shares of a $15 stocks. Luckily i was able to bail out with only a 5k loss instead of about 10 or 15.

    I guess every once in a while we all need a refresher.


  2. that whole episode made me gun shy for all of yesterday and today. :(
  3. Same for me howard'. If I win too many in a row, and it might not even be that many, my trading gets worse. Mistakes, mental-lapses, etc. Almost the worst thing for me is to be up big early in the day. LOL - that gives me the whole rest of the day to get into trouble!

    I think you should take today off too, and come back next week ready to go again. Go fishing, play with the kids.... something fun.
    Amazingly, the market will be here Monday, ready for you to begin a new streak.