Pay the rent day for shorts or...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by duard, Feb 8, 2007.

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    Is this a pay the rent day for shorts or another dip buying opportunity.

    Cover now or hold for a few days or weeks.....
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    As long as your rent isn't too pricey and as long as you covered early and as long as....

    Volatility where art thou.....

  3. dip? where do you see a dip?
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    EqtTrdr you're too funny.

    I'm gonna call you "Dip Dog"

    Should I put on my rally hat or what.....
  5. S2007S


    put on your rally hat, the Nikkei tonight is on the rebound up another 1%+, most indices across the board touching fresh highs again. HOWEVER....

    Will this great rally ever come to an end??? The answer is a definite yes, but when is anyones guess. Seems like nothing can go wrong. I think the higher these markets go without any kind of pullback that when they do eventually correct it will be a severe correction. I remember last year when the India stock market started selling off creating a selloff worldwide. Most exchanges losing 10% + and most ETFs trading here down nearly 30% in only 4 weeks. Time will tell....
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    There was some light selling last two days but I think many are concerned about a melt-up as much as a meltdown. Hence contracted ranges. It's the let's see who blinks first game of financial chicken.

    Kinda like the Chinese and their renminbi devaluation, the Japanese and their artificially lowered interest rates. Cat and mouse.

    I got some cheese early today but this is work and the cheese was more crumb like than chunky and meaty....
  7. imo there's a good chance we'll be at war with iran by springtime. no idea if the mkt would correct on that news. if i had to guess, it would probably initiate on a saturday or sunday morning here when everything is closed, and probably following a strong rally friday. the kind of news you wake up to
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  9. 250 a barrel yikes. thats almost a million bucks from here on a 5 lot of CL
  10. Read your history. Wars spur economic growth due to increased manufacturing. The nasdaq has gains nearly 1000 points since the invasion of Iraq. The dow has gains 3000 points.
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