Pay services that select your picks.

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  1. Neet


    Anyting out there worth the effort ?

    Anyone with positive experience using any of these elusive email services ?

    I see them advertised all the time but Im not sure which one to trust.

    Thank you for your time.
  2. buzz


    Don't need to pay. Come in the my chat room next week. click on the top of Elitetraders page, click on chat, then go to rooms and you will see me, under Buzz YM Calls..I usually get the room 30 YM points a day.

    You will only be able to access the room from 8.30am EST Time.

  3. Neet



    I read your journal and although I dont doubt you, you been having some problems in the channel and Im not sure how long your project will be.

    I need something concrete, durable.
  4. buzz



    Talk is cheap, you will always get the doubters. They have seen the results and they are changing their tune. I am not sure how long I will be doing it for. So I can't give nothing concrete. But you are welcome in the room. You may learn something. Advise for you, read lots of books and forget about making any money worth talking about for 3 years or more. This is a hard game. But can be done with time.

  5. Neet



    I am reading books and I'm playing with paper money. However, instead of having the real cash in the bank gaining an abysmal 4.25% I though maybe, just maybe some of these stock alert services can obtain better returns as I learn the process on my own.

    Anyone ?

    Heard good things about and

    Thank you.
  6. GS19


    Had good luck with
  7. I can tell you what to avoid -

    They are just a bunch of salesmen preying on the greed of people. Granted this is spoken tongue in cheek, but hopefully I can save a few others from wasting their money there.

  8. Neet: I just signed up for a free trial (i'm big into free trials) of Their performance looks good, ask me in 3 weeks whether they're worth a shot or not.
  9. Neet


    Good info so far , thank you. Keep them coming.
  10. I had good luck with
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