Pay off my student loans all at once or payments?

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    basically graduated about a year ago bachelors in engineering. i have about 20k in student loans. i have 18k in the bank and 10in trading account that i dont want to touch. i dont own a house and i have no car payment and zero credit card debt. should i take about 15 and blast it away toward the loan and pay the rest off within in the next year but have like little money left in reserves for anything or should i just do the standard payments and save the capital for housing stuff or other expenses or trading (who knows?) and deal with that whole debt being over my head and rack up a few thousand in interest.

    what are your thoughts? or further questioning
  2. Why pay it off?

    Just bail on it.

    Everyone's doing it. Especially 'respectable' banks.
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    part is through salie mae and other is through federal loan, i dont think its possible to get away from student loans?

    cant file bankruptcy on student loans. they wont even let me pay with a credit card online(thinking i could rack up some easy skymiles or somthing) .

    unless somone wants to PM me a way to get away with some shadyness
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    Depends on your interest rate an term. If you've got a low interest rate, then don't pay it off right away, make the payments. You can make more on the money investing in your trading business, or another business.

    If you have a high interest rate then look to refinance it with a local bank or credit union. Rates are way low right now on student loans.
  5. A school loan will NEVER go away, until either you pay it off or you DIE
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    thats what i thought
  7. And they will even come to you at TAX time, if you default....
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    As long as you keep enough on deposit to pay the loan in full, do payments.

    If the economy goes down the toilet, pay it back.
  9. If you are planning on sinking it in trading instead, pay it off all right now.. Risk capital can wait (another year at your savings rate). Debt free is good.
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    any reason? some are at 6.8% others are at 4.2%
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