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  1. What are the best message boards that charge for rumors in real time, WTS had a decent product a few months back, but anything else anyone can suggest?
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    fly on the wall PM
  3. So you're asking, "Where can I find the next big `newsletter` pump and dump?!"

    I think NIA has a pretty good one going if you ask some of the clueless around here that don't understand economics or the causes of hyperinflation.
  4. Look at the other thread "help me choose a news service". Almost all of the news services listed there provide "rumors" circulating on the floor and on the wires.

    And as someone said in this thread, check out
  5. im looking for pay message boards rather then fly on the wall, briefing type sites.
  6. I'm looking for a god consistent sig service so i can just sit back and be confident that i'm on right side. otherwise trading is hard work.
  7. wow trading is hard work? thats news to me, i thought it was like it was back like it was 12 years ago where i can just call for backing away's and scalp qcom on the pitcall futures.

    Anyhow if anyone knows one of the good Private message boards rather then post 600 messages of useless crap let me know. i know they are about 2-$300 a month. im just not sure which ones are good now.

    TY in advance for serious replies.
  8. Here is an example, the Hamerstone Message board service. Would anyone know anything similar? Or as good?