Pay me money or the baby gets it!

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  1. Take a look at this site. The audacity of this couple kills me.

    $13,200.00 and counting

    A token response:
    This is one of the best scams Ive ever heard. Im pro choice so I personally dont
    give a flying fuck what you decide to do. Either way your not getting a penny from
    me. The beauty of this scam is that Pro Lifers are so emotionally attached to this
    issue that they would rather take their chances losing a few bucks to a scam then
    think that it may be possible an asshole like you exists who weighs decisions
    like abortion on the outcome of an internet fundraiser. In the same breath that
    there bad mouthing you they will be opening their wallets in the hopes of saving an
    unborn baby. Its Brilliant. And the anonymity angle ensures you never have to prove
    whether this was real or not.
    The only thing Im having trouble dicerning is what race you are. Your obviously
    poor, unable to afford housing, a car or health insurance which leads me to believe
    your a nigger, but this scam could never be cooked up by a nigger, they are just too
    stupid. If you were a filthy mexican wetback, your financial situation would have no
    impact on your decision to have a baby. In fact, if you were a spic beaner the
    poorer you were the more kids you would be likely to have. You must be young because
    your callous disregard for human life could only be by a Gen Y or Gen X'r. My guess
    is your a twenty something white kid who probably still lives with his parents and
    keeps a box of tissues within close proximity of his computer so as to make easy
    clean up after spanking it to internet porn. There is no decision to be made about
    abortions because you cant get a blow up doll pregnant. Regardless I comend you on
    the creativity of your scam and I wish you best of luck milking bucketloads of cash
    out of those looney right wing christian conservative cash cows.
  2. Thats gotta be about a 8.5 on the "thats totally fucked" meter.
  3. Imo, reads like a class project penned by a university professor. Sounds like a re-write of "mom need an operation and will die if you don't lend me the money". Assuming its not and the couple raise the kid, the kid will be f'd up with parents like them. Now for my vote, to donate or not to donate? Muhco crapola everywhere in our life, move the heck on, change the channel, turn of the tv(web), fughedaboutit.
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    Unbefuckinglievable. Internet sleaze achieves a new high, er, low.

  5. Why can't they track this guy like they track any filthy pedophile??

    Abortion or not, If this woman decide to keep her baby, that baby should be taken away from her and given to any family who will love him and care for him.
  6. Prolly busy tracking islamic extremists........who would like to kill everyone to get there underage virgins, huh wael?
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  8. Your Prolly needs an enemy to justify his oversized budget with. USSR bogeyman is gone so what to do...Hmmmm What to do to drag acronym from his nose ring???

    By the way, as you know me, I was going to say something nasty but decided not to.
  9. How nice of you. Still, i didnt see the USSR bogeyman on snopes-although they appear to be resurrecting it asap, in line with the protocols of the elders of zion
    Save toby, thats the one i was thinking of.

    Nose ring? You know "prolly" is brit/internet speak short for "probably" .