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  2. A gated community with freedom and liberty?

    Sounds like a cult compound asking to be raided.
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    I am a contemporary conservative and agree with most (not all) of what Ron Paul espouses. But what really turns me off are his most vocal supporters, who adhere to screaming his message with derision, accusations of conspiracies, and that if one does not agree completely with Ron Paul one is some sort of enemy that must, and should be shouted down (not exactly a position that parallels that of freedom he is supposed to stand for). The fact that he does not attempt to reign in these antics, leads me to dismiss him as nothing more than a leader of kooks, no matter how good some of his ideas are. Who can take someone seriously when his most vocal supporters sound like conspiracyboy88? :confused:

    For that reason if one of these communities opened near where I live I would move far away...
  4. "The goal of it to establish gated communities containing 100% Ron Paul supporters and or people that live by the ideals of freedom and liberty.

    The community would be privately held by the co-op to establish private property for the general community thus preserving the community is 100% freedom and liberty lovers."

    Freedom is a gated community...

    Too funny!
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    Yes, the irony is delicious.
  6. That is so Gay. EWWwwww
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    Common English phrase - most people above the intelligence of a garbage can would recognize it... [​IMG]
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    Although, you have some valid points, I try not to judge a man by his followers, but by his actions. We all can find fault in just about anyone on this earth, but its another thing to lean towards discrediting one based on others actions, which one does not control.

    If one man on a sports team or in a group carries out a dispicable act without anyones knowledge should we condone the whole team?

    The whole Paulville thing is just laughable to me. One would think the whole idea of freedom and liberty is to spread it and not isolate it.

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    I said it was because he has made no attempt to distance himself from the kooks - just like Obama. Indeed, he seems to feed off of them.
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    I will assume you don't follow him to closely then, for you Sir in my humble opinion are wrong. Besides "freedom of speech" the last time I checked didn't come with a "dictatorship button."
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