Paulson's bet on RE

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  1. Paulson is buying 550MM in entitled raw-land in SoCal. I got the info direct from the CEO of a $5B REIT. Also, Don Wilson of DRW Trading is making large bets in NV, AZ and CA as well; but in residential single family.
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    Thanks for sharing, very good info, especially so, coming from one of the few credible posters on ET.
  3. If real estate finds a bottom where is the price of other commodities going to go? oil at 200? Gas at 6.50?
  4. Thank you atticus.

    Now how do I ride along in exchange traded instruments seeing as how I have less than that 550mm AUM?

    I don't know Paulson, but Don has made some pretty boneheaded moves in the past.

  5. very interesting indeed. i hope they are not catching a falling knife.
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    Paulson and Don Wilson, those well-known real estate speculators...
  7. CME housing futures
  8. Nobody said Paulson was a choir boy. To be so damning of the sector in public while buying on the Q.T. Wilson made many millions as a Eurodollar option quant, but I have no reason to question his interest in rez RE.
  9. Are either of them involved with the land in vicinity of the "Hollywood" sign?
  10. No, that would be Joe Ritchie.

    Thane Ritchie and Don Wilson were partners at one time,
    but that time is long gone.
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