Paulson suckered by China

Discussion in 'Economics' started by WaveStrider, Jun 7, 2008.


    "U.S. manufacturers contend that the Chinese have gained unfair trade advantages by keeping the yuan undervalued, making Chinese goods cheaper for American consumers and American products more expensive in China."

    After American corporations with the American politicians they paid for have given China the U.S. economic sandbox, America now has to ask to play in it.

    China says "no".

    When the time is right, American corporations will be kicked out of the sandbox too. Only then will they cry "Wahhh - not fair!" :D

    Paulson is such a dupe.
  2. he is not the only one

    and what's more,

    we were all warned by the Clinton Administration not to let this happen,

    not that there is support or whatever for Clinton's Administration, but at least someone spoke honestly and

    paid off the debt and reestablished the US as a net creditor so that we as a country would not be beholden to another country's money.....

    after 8 years of Bush-II we are so far into the pockets of others (debt over our heads - expression) that what ever terms they set upon us, we're powerless to challenge...

    so its not surprising, this thread, these conclusions....these conditions......