Paulson: Stimulus plan could create 500,000-600,000 jobs

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  1. Paulson desperately needs years' worth of ToastMasters training. Amidst all the stumbling & stammering, he actually meant to say 500 - 600 new jobs creation. Maybe a thousand new jobs max, being optimistic about the whole welfare plan.

  2. what I can't understand is what is wrong with his voice?

    it seems there is never a good day to listen to all that rasp....

    also, its easier to suggest as the commenter before me that he meant less than 1,000 jobs,

    otherwise, what planet is he getting his math from?, and exactly what kind of jobs would these be?

    more of the same temporary, collegiate internships or substantive jobs one could pile on a 5yr, 10yr tenure or possibly complete one's retirement years upon?

    all too often the notion of creating jobs gets political praise, but substantively these are for the most part sugar coated temporary, no substance piece meal tasks, not jobs in any sense or even in the truest sense.

    oh, don't forget, you'll need a resume with twenty years experience and still probably not exactly what quality of jobs are these?
  3. He sounds exactly like how a homeless bum off the street would sound if you brought him in to speak about the economy.

    I keep waiting for him to finish his speech with "Can I get my money now?"
  4. This stimilus plan won't do much. I have a daughter and we are getting a 1,500 rebate. What is this money going to do for most people?

    Absolutely nothing at all.

    It is one month's mortage for most people.
  5. you are missing the point of "stimulus." It's not to help people pay their bills, it's for giving people money to spend supplying business with sales and revenue. Stimulus is not about helping the consumer it's about helping business. Whether or not it will do anything is another conversation.
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    You're missing the point. The stimulus plan is all about the appearance of "helping" out the people. It's to buy votes, or at least not lose votes since both parties backed it.
  7. We could easily double the impact of the stimulus package. All we have to do is spend OURS on lap dances and then the girls can spend it again, on STUFF.
  8. Anyone believing that getting 600 dollars is going to change their individual financial situation has missed the point. I could care less how it's packaged, stimulus has always existed for business first and trickle down second. Anyone who has more than 100 bucks in the market should know the difference.
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    Maybe the 96,420 members of ET can finally get off unemployment now.
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