Paulson speaks in 15 minutes...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bond tr4der, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. This time is different. Go long!
  2. Goldman Sachs thanks him. As does the rest of the street. Sincerely.

    Their billions in bonuses are secure.

    Thanks, American Taxpayers! Suckers!
  3. There is a reason why GS is the smartest guys in the room. Btw, fuck that fucking moron on CNBC in support of the auto bailout. Biggest moron ever.
  4. Is that why the market is so slow ?
  5. As if we had any choice. Damn, that million of debt per person will feel good! Yes, it's a million. Not every American works and/or pays taxes, and anytime government estimates the cost of anything, multiply by ten to get a more accurate figure. Top that off with a Dem president in the house... more spending, more taxes.

    Congratulations America for voting in your own tax hike. I guess 2/3 of America wants to get reamed. Makes sense, women and gays made the difference in Clinton's election, and now Hussein's as well. Both of those groups love to get reamed.
  6. Paulson is Bush's buddy.

    I agree that the taxpayer anal raping is a bi-partisan effort, though.

    It's too bad the GOP so lost its way, and actually became so corrupt that it fostered the problems actively.

    Now there's no one standing guard.

    Ron Paul or bust.
  7. Agreed. There were two liberals running this year.