Paulson says..

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  1. The US Economy, and the global economy, is the strongest he's seen it in his lifetime..

    Then why is the Dollar shit itself, if that's the case...

    Euro Central Banker last night said the Dollar is weak because the US economy is weak..

    Who is right??
  2. piezoe


    Could it be that both are right but their
    perspectives differ. I think Paulson's statement might have been more accurate had he said "the current economy is very strong in spite of a weak dollar." And the Central Banker might have been more accurate if he had said "the dollar is weak because the supply of dollars is atypically large at the moment. This is being driven primarily by deficit spending in the US. Maintaining the money supply near the current high levels is acomodative toward the US policy of monetarizing their debt." A reasonable person could easily interpret a nation with strong growth in business sectors, but saddled with considerable debt and current deficit spending, as having a rather weak overall economy, because they recognize the dangers that lie ahead. Brazil's economy might be similarly described.
  3. Well said.
  4. Nothing but Goldilocks... rolling in bubbles......

    when it ends, it's gonna be ugly.

    Turn back your calendars to March 2000.
  5. Digs


    I bet..

    Every day when Ben wakes up and checks the dollar, hoping that it rallies.

    He is dreading the day he has to support the dollar with interest rates hikes .

    From this day on he will be working for the Chinese !
  6. inflate or die! inflate or die!! The whole scheme has to keep accelerating just so it doesnt topple itself over. ha ha !!!