Paulson says strong dollar in US interest

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  1. Does he have a clue? He's been using this line over and over again...

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson repeated long-standing dollar language on Thursday, saying a strong dollar is in the U.S. interest and expressing confidence that strong long-term U.S. economic fundamentals will be reflected in the value of the currency.

    "I've been as consistent as anyone that you've ever heard in saying that the (strong) dollar in our nation's interest," he said in an interview with Reuters.
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    Maybe this time he's for real...
  3. Are you really that naive?
  4. He is trying to apease the public with 'strong dollar' talk.
  5. He knows better, but his job is to tow the government line. Unfortunately for him, he comes off looking like a fool.
  6. As the saying goes judge ppl by their actions not what they say. Would you expect anything less from the Bush admin.?
  7. God help those left holding the bag of paper promises that guy is selling.
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    A weak dollar is not the goal when monetizing debt, but is part and parcel of that policy. But you will never hear the Treasury secretary say that, because it would be tantamount to admitting, "We have decided to screw our creditors by printing more dollars."
  9. Bush say he has a strong dollar policy since he is in office in 2000. Since he is in office, the dollar appreciated from 120 to 72. A great -40% appreciation.
  10. It's called lying...
    he's abusing his authority and continuing to lie..
    and you call this guy a leader?
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