Paulson says foreign banks can use U.S. rescue plan

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    :eek: Does this mean American taxpayers are becoming responsible for foriegn bad mortgage debt? I no longer understand , developements have escaped my logic chain.

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said on Sunday that foreign banks will be able to unload bad financial assets under a $700 billion U.S. proposal aimed at restoring order during a devastating financial crisis.;_ylt=AmOF_VtvugoIzXExHnH3BVus0NUE
  2. Ever notice how when we're reeling and kind of in semi-shock, the Powers slip something in.... hoping we don't notice or don't know to protest?

    Like THIS maybe.. and The Patriot Act?

    More evidence of 'THE BIG CONSPIRACY', if you ask me. :mad:
  3. US citizens are becoming the slaves of the world.

    But anyway, how about those Palin glasses huh?
  4. Well seeing we don't have any money left to pay any one... bring it all in so we can do one big bankruptcy.

    Ever get that tingling feeling that the Gov is buying all this paper because they are hiding a big white elephant...
  5. my question is: will pauson, former ceo of goldman, former ceo of leh, former ceo of bsc, soon to be former ceo of mer and wau, be required to return the billions they bilked froim their companies over the past 5-10 years? it seems only fair but i won;t hold my breath...
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    i wont pay my taxes this year if this is true...100% garaunteed
  7. This news just gets worse and worse and worse every day. First Paulson wants no accountability and complete discretion, next he wants this...

    I hope this guy goes to jail and the public seizes his $700m of whatever he has in the bank from yrs of cutthroat capitalism...

    This is bullshit and makes me angry.
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    This is a joke right?

    BTW, Paulson didn't happen to put in an expiry of some kind or some clause that would unwind this legislation when it's purported purpose was accomplished? No? Well, go figure
  9. Also interesting is the HUGE transfer by Lehman of borrowed funds from London to New York on the Friday just before the filed for protection...

    They were supposed to return the money on the following Monday, but of course never did that...
  10. "Globalist (wealth transfer) Games 2008" your service! :mad:
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