Paulson Says Fannie, Freddie Plan Puts Taxpayers First

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  1. The Fed has loaned out money and it wants to get paid back. They will do anything to keep from loosing.

    More debt the tax payer will have to pay back, its that simple. Wall Street and goverment wins, American tax payers get the bill.

    Now if we all said no, and stopped paying our taxes then we would set them straight.
  2. Very simple. Just renounce your US citizenship and setup shop e.g. in Monaco, Dubai or Switzerland; you will basically live tax free (well, almost).
  3. yes, the 'plan' has a 'money-back guarantee', alright...if they are not completely satisfied with the tax-payers money, they'll return it!

    ps, don't hold yer breath

    Looks like the 'remaining' entities to go into 'official' defaults now, will be Medicare, and then SSA.

    No doubt all the above after another cleanup round at the FNE FRE, long after the current admistration has 'left town'.

    The Sec of the Treas may have grossly understated his weapon of choice, instead of a bazooka, looks like an ICBM is and will be the order of the day.

    In the final analysis, thier 'so-called' bazooka, will in fact be the proverbial water-gun, or pea-shooter they referenced.
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    Switzerland is not tax free, however, their rates are very competitive.
  5. For foreigners, Switzerland offers a lump-sum taxation model. If used wisely (as it is based on local living expenses in Switzerland, rather than worldwide income), the effective tax rates can be very low.
  6. You make it seem like this is a simple process - one can do with a kit one mails in or something.
  7. And most of us would be in jail or stuck at home with a nice box strapped around our ankle...
  8. Exactly, not an easy process at all. The US govt wants your money no matter where you are or live
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