Paulson on CNBC

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    Is he having a nervous breakdown?
  2. think we were in good hands during the crisis. think again. any man that has to inturrept an improtant meeting to call his wife and pray for help does not give me a feeling of competence:

    Paulson says he was scared and clueless during Lehman collapse
    Share | Henry Paulson, the former U.S. Treasury Department secretary, just said in a CNBC interview that in the midst of the Lehman Brothers collapse he had no idea what to do and was so afraid he excused himself from an emergency meeting on the matter and called his wife.

    "I'm scared," he said he told his wife on a cell phone, while appearing to the others in the meeting that he was making a business telephone call. "I didn't know what to do."

    He asked his wife to pray for him. "Then, I put on my armor and went back into the room and acted like I knew what to do."
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    Lol, I can't knock him for praying, but not knowing what to do, does put him in an unfavorable light. But I doubt anyone really understood the problem let alone the answer at that time.

    But today, just as when he testified last week in the AIG Senate probe, the man can not answer a question without stuttering and mentally reviewing every word that comes out of his mouth.

    The truth shouldn't need that much scrutiny of thought, imho.

  4. The Ex-CEO of GS knew exactly what he was doing. A liar like the rest.