Paulson lost first 1/2 of TARP - may want 2nd half

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    "WASHINGTON (AFP) — The US Treasury's new 700 billion dollar financial rescue program has serious accountability and transparency problems, a congressional watchdog said Tuesday."

    "WASHINGTON -- U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is debating whether to ask Congress for the second installment of the $700 billion bailout package, concerned about competing demands for the funds and a potentially hostile reaction from lawmakers."

    He dropped the first half down a hole and now he's wondering where it went...
  2. the Treasury Dept has to be the worst investor on the planet right now... They dropped the first part in record time by buying too high and then they give away the capital for half the market price. They are either incompetent or complicit.

    I'm sure Paulson will double down even though he said he would leave the second half to his predecessor. As PTJ said... losers average losers. What else should we expect? Hopefully Congress will put the smack down on Hank and that goon he put in charge of the TARP. Enough is enough with this crap.
  3. Hmm. We may soon find ourselves dipping into the:

  4. i love how they sold it to the people as 'partitioned'

    when the partitions didnt even last a month

    classic 'good money after bad' con game
  5. TARP is what people are going to be living under, with this asshole in charge of the treasury
  6. Needs more money to buy index futures
  7. if all else fails just pass another 700 billion since it's just free money anyway
  8. If he drops the second half down the rabbit hole with his eyes closed again, maybe the second time will fix everything.

    I don't think his eyes were shut tightly enough when he clicked his heels together the first time.
  9. He's down about 35% on the first half.
    Not bad.