Paulson in private talks to bail out Madoff Investors

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  1. Trying to stem foreign law suits against the SEC and the can of worms that would open up.

  2. Where are you hearing this? This would be absolutely ridiculous, I want a bailout for my 401k losses.
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    And Congress would have to approve since the first 350B has been allocated. I really doubt this would happen.
  4. I want to see where the original poster is getting this "information" from. I can't see any way in hell of this happening.

  5. same source that provided the rate cut news which I posted previously. rate cut&pagenumber=1

    from what I understood, the talks involved assisting madoff largest feeder fund investors FFG/Tremont.

    personally I think the feeder funds were well into the scam themselves. Feds trying to stem lawsuits which will show elements within the SEC are culpable.

    The FBI has re-allocated massive resources to this case. End of January we'll see block buster indictments. Many careers in the SEC are finished.
  6. When will Mozillo, and the banker scum that ruined the business be locked up?

    Should I hold my breath?
  7. How dare you!!! Foreign entities own this country and the government, so they get first dibs on taxpayers cash damnit!!! The american citizenry get the boot on their broke a$$ throats, because the american citizens are ALWAYS going to get what they are WILLING TO SETTLE FOR!!! :eek:

    :D :mad: :D
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    2007 and 2008 has been very tough for quants of 50 billion size portfolio to return 12% cash.

    Madoff's investors were making supposedly 12% cash returns.

    they thought they were investing in 'risk free' bond like investments that paid 12% per year

    the only way he could have done those return on that large of scale 50 billion would only be by LEVERAGE which is no longer available.

    leverage is cut cut NO LEVERAGE. Just like when your bank cancel your credit line or calling all short term loans.

    his business model collapse.

    it wasn't a ponzi scheme in the classic sense that clients didn't own any shares.

    all shares WERE registered with SEC etc.

    his system either screwed up where all his positions were liquidated at 100% loss or the client funds after liquidation was embezzled offshore.

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