Paulson - 'I believe that the long-term economic fundamentals in the US are solid.'

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    U.S. Treasury's Paulson says strong dollar is 'good thing,' in nation's interest

    MOSCOW (Thomson Financial) - A strong American currency is a 'good thing' and in the interest of the United States, U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said.

    'I would agree that a strong dollar is a good thing and I believe a strong dollar in our nation's interest. Every economy is going to have some ups and downs. We are going through a tough period in the U.S. right now,' Paulson said in a radio interview with Ekho Moskvy.

    'I believe that the long-term economic fundamentals in the United States are solid. I believe that they compare favorably with the long-term economic fundamentals of any other major industrialized nation and they will be reflected in the value of our currency,' he said.

    Paulson met Sunday with Russian finance minister Alexei Kudrin and is scheduled to meet with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin later on Monday.



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    We're fucked.
  2. Long term as in 15 years maybe...but not 3.
  3. Paulson has a way with words. I can literally post no less than 10 instances where he has said something only for the exact opposite to occur.

    Everything from subprime is contained to we support a strong dollar.
  4. Speaking of Paulson

    Did anyone remember a Bloomberg interview he gave awhile back where he spoke his famous mantra, "We support a strong dollar policy" only for bloomberg to show a chart of the dollar and it was heading straight down.

  5. Bunch of fucking scumbags running our country, nice.

    I swear that Paulson IS the human manifestation of principal McVickers from Beavis and Butt-Head.

  6. S2007S


    Okay instead of talking about it do something, does he not understand what is going on. The dollar is so close to collapsing at this point.
  7. BCE