Paulson health in question, may be OK now

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  1. dude, most men would have crumbled in a heap by now.

    Here's a guy worth 500 mill or more, does he need this shit?
  2. Stress can do a lot to a person. Keep your lives in perspective. My thoughts and prayers go out to him. I hope he's ok.
  3. i hope the stress kills him, and he spends his last moments realizing he cant take his 500 million with him

    he's a fucking traitor - he just shoved treason down the throats of Americans

    he's made Americans slaves of communist china, where the 700 billion will be borrowed from

    if this were the 1950s, he'd go to the chair, like the rosenbergs
  4. u'll be sold to the chinese cause nobody else wld want to touch junk like u lot...
  5. The guys 60 years old and has been working for a few days without sleep, even a thirty year old would be a little tired and dizzy.
  6. what are you even ranting about you fucktard?

    you do know we are purchasing assets and not just giving money away....wait you probably don't.:p
  7. "just purchasing assets" that mysteriously, no one else wants at that price

    yet, it's not a 'giving money away'

    With this demand for $10,000 from every family in America

    1) Has there been ANY discussion about what percent any of these tranches of mortgage backed securites has been discounted from face value on the open market? -> NO, THERE HASNT

    2) Has there been ANY discussion about what percent of face value the taxpayer will be buying them at? -> NO, THERE HASNT

    3) Paulson has a personal wealth of about 500 million - is he willing to donate any gains he makes from this deal (easily 50 million dollars) to the taxpayer, as a gesture of 'good faith', that his interests are pure?
  8. Wow, that is heavy stuff. :(
  9. He's probably just feeling a bit tipsy from all the euphoria. The faster he goes straight to hell, the better.

    He should take Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney with him.
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