Paulson: Congress Should Release Rest of TARP

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  1. If congress lets go of this money after what has been reveled on how Goldman is using there money for bonuses, there will be an uprising.

    Paulson will help all his Jewish friends who got burned by Madoff.

    They won't even tell congress how they have used the money the freedom of information act is being used to get the Fed and Treasury to disclose what the hell is going on and they just do as they please.
  2. "Paulson will help all his Jewish friends who got burned by Madoff."

    I guarantee you he will

    and truth be told, it's really not going much further out than making whole AIG's mortgage bubble derivative bets
  3. this is NO LONGER far fetched

    it really isn't
  4. AIG owed Goldman alot of money. Thats why AIG got so much. Paulson will get whats coming to him some day.
  5. Maybe somebody had to climb onto the other side of that trade first...
  6. Paulson is not Jewish.

  7. The remaing 350 billion should be released. The market will surge higher after it happens. Then once those funds are depleated peloci just pass another 700 billion since the money is free.
  8. Why are you so SURPRISED by what the Bush Administration continues to say and do?

    These guys have been in office for 8 years and it has always been . . . say one thing, and then do another.

    First it was the Patriot Act, then it was the Iraq Resolution. But the resolution only gave Bush permission to take his case before the UN Security Council. The Security Council said "No', but it did not stop Bush from turning this resolution into the War Powers Act in a unilateral move, and invasion of Iraq.

    The other day, VP Cheney admitted during an ABC news reporter's interview that he not only supported "water-boarding" and illegal wiretapping, but also authorized its use when the "Agency" asked him about his thoughts on it. The definition of "torture" just kept on changing during this Administration, with absolutely ZERO regard for the Constitution. - - - I seem to recall that "waterboarding" was designated as illegal by U.S. generals in the Vietnam War. Hell, we even sentenced an Army major to 10 years of hard labor for "waterboarding" back in 1901 during the Spanish-American War.

    Meanwhile, Cheney also added that we would have still invaded Iraq even if the intelligence had been "accurate" regarding WMD . . . BECAUSE "they had the capability to produce weapons of mass destruction. They had the technology, the people, the basic feed stocks."

    Gee, I don't recall us invading Denmark because they had "the capability, the people, the basic feed stocks . . ."

    Let's face it, this Administration has been trampling the Constitution and Taxpayer for quite some time.

    It's as if Lady Liberty has been "waterboarded" herself.

    Nothing new.
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