Paulson & Bernake have been wrong since they came to office

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  1. My gosh these guys have been wrong since they came into office. We should never trust these two appointees from a president that has lead this country into one of it biggest deficits in American history.
  2. wave


    Bernie admitted yesterday he has been wrong many times. He has never held a wall street position. He is all theory.
  3. Wrong for whom?
  4. Excellent point.
  5. greddy


    Remember the famous words, "housing has bottomed" by
    Paulson last year?

    How about "housing is contained" by Bernanke.

    If these guys were traders, they would be bankrupt
    long ago.

    Good thing the government can print all the money necessary.
  6. jasonjm


    but cmon guys can you really blame them?

    greenspan hands them a lit stick of dynamite, then walks off on a speaking tour....
    nothing they could really do except blow up.....

    this whole mess is the culmination of the last 15 years of stupid policies, and no laws or regulations.

    expecting bernanke and paulson to fix it in 12-24 months is a little bit unrealistic?

  7. That’s no excuse to lie. Think of the folks who listened to them and did not sell equities last year. Boy if you listen to these two you are always going to loose.
  8. Both right.
  9. People have been throwing shit out of their cages at Bernanke since he got appointed. Before the dust settles reasoning people will be glad they have him, he's an expert on the Great Depression.
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    Nice, everyone should pay attention to this post.

    Paulson, Bernake (who is just a puppet) and the likes DO NOT MAKE MISTAKES. The government does not either.
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