Paulson and Bush Gonna Screw Us All

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  1. On thing is certin, what ever Paulson does its going to benifit the investment banks on wall street.

    What has he done for the average american during this housing crisis. Are rates down? NO Have walls street investment banks been given special treatment? YES.

    The sooner Paulson and Bernake are gone the better off the American people will be. Their only concern is wall street PERIOD.
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    ah what's the point posting this

    those who know don't care, and those who care don't know
  3. Typical american kid LOL :p

    he's gonna have to tighten his belt!

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    Wall St needs to be told with a hobnailed boot up their @rses that the rest of the world and humanity does not exist for the benefit of Wall St.
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    As individual traders, we have to weight risk much more than the profit. However, the financial firms seem to just do the opposite because if they have a huge profit they get a fat bonus, and if they blow up they can be rescued by the taxpayers.

    To be fair to the average Americans, the government should form an insurance company which every year takes away 50% of the Wall Street bonus from each financial firms. The money can be simply
    invested in the US Government bond, and still belong to the financial firms.

    When the rainy days come, this insurance company, not the taxpayers, can rescue them.
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    This is a good idea which has a basis in other regulatory environments but it has for some reason eluded Paulson.
  7. hey dickhead, the leafs still suck:D its funny how quickly the folks up north sell us down the river........ freakin sad
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    Bernanke isn't going anywhere......

    You are showing your ignorance .........

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    Its getting worse! I live in NC in an area that is flush with cash. I know a handful of prominent Real estate brokers and 2 of them called me in a frenzy asking what was going on. All of the banks in the area currently want 40% down on housing purchases from solid borrowers and the brokers are freaking out because they can't move barely anything. I have also noticed commercial companies are dissapearing. Starting to see an significant increase in vacant commercial property and store fronts popping up.

    While the economy has been going down hill in many other areas NC has held up strong, but the signs of distress are becoming more and more obvious by the day.

    I called a friend that Is a bank manager for a large bank in NC and she said oh its true and its not pretty.

    Oh well, I guess we Americans reap what we sew.

    I guess the shitith is hitith the fan!

    Don't worry Obama will save us all with his masterful plan of change.
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