Paulson - a complete and utter tool.

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  1. Can someone get rid of this guy, please? I'm sure we would all donate to the charity of your choice every year for the rest of our lives.

    Quotes from Paulson crossing the wire now:

    "Oil price rise result of supply and demand." (which in itself isn't bad, but continue reading...

    "No evidence speculators are driving oil price."

    "decline to say whether the so-called "Enron Loophole" already closed."

    "oil speculation not a driver. but I didn't say it wasn't a factor."

    Well, if it's a factor, then why are you telling us there's no evidence of it?
  2. Paulson a product of 80% luck, 20% skill.
  3. Paulson is just one of the many idiots in the Bush admin. Look at the mess the US is in. Also causing for other nations as well.
  4. Don't forget his insisting they have a 'strong dollar policy' , despite the Dollar index looking like a ski slope.
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    When I was in High School I use to beat guys like Bush and Paulson up because they were such annoying little weasels and dweebs, now they are running the country.:confused:
  6. I guess you should have hit them harder.
  7. Paulson , along with Brodman are just going to say whatever they are told to say by the Bush/Cheney Oil Administration....

    Paulson, literally has millions in his bank derived from bonuses which were paid by third tier assets.....and got a good portion of these funds tax free as an agreement to take this mouthpiece job....

    So now Paulson , the ex CEO which helped to instigate the current mortgage morasse, along with Bush/Cheney who also have nothing to do with oil prices.....are literally running the US....

    Feel better ?

    Whenever Brodman is finished telling the US public his instructed bullshit.....he immediately hops over to Burger King to get a double cheese whopper....then goes to the country club for a drink....then goes home and watches a movie....until he gets another phone call from Bushey Cheney.....
  8. He hit them too hard, scrambled their brains forever.
  9. Paulson is such a fool.

    He really does deserve to be taken into a back alley in the San Francisco "Tenderloin" district and . . .

    And no, the Enron "loophole" still has yet to be closed and may not be until the Fall of 2008 even though Senator Carl Levin introduced a Bill to close the "loophole" last September.

    How is it that Paulson doesn't even know this???
    He and Cheney and Phil Gramm should be "tar and feathered" in a public square somewhere . . .
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    Bush proudly declared "Mission Accomplished" with a banner.

    Paulson declared housing has bottomed.
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