Paulison and Bernanke have balls

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NY_HOOD, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. first off,3 weeks ago Paulison says housing has bottomed. we all know that was bullshit. then Bernanke says it may have bottomed but he was'nt sure. he been calling a bottom for the past 6 months and its never there. then Paulison comes out yesterday and says the sub prime mess is contained! how the hell does he know? does he have skinny on every single hedgefund/ he should shut up and let the markets work itself out. if he actually had facts to back up what he says then thats fine but pulling shit out of the sky is irresponsible. at least greenspan spoke from a more factual standpoint .

  2. I have always said this is no free market. The goverment bailouts, tax credits, tax breaks, yea free market sure.
  3. The bald dude's job is to calm the market, he is never gonna say anything that will possibly undermine foreign investor's confidence in US assets.

    Its safe to say that he isnt objective and we can ignore his comments.

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    the ones who beat their chest the most about free markets when they're winning are the first to demand bailouts/subsidies when they're losing
  5. The FED and its spokesmodel DO NOT have your best interest in mind.

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  7. Vote Ron Paul...
  8. Vote for Pedro!!!! :D :D :D