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  2. There isn't much talk here about how things work nor who is figuring out such.

    Maybe someday a thread on the Brain and the Mind will emerge.

    It is a very intriguing experience to come to an undertanding of how things work.

    Most remarkable and poingnant is seeing a talented, trained and knowledgeable person in the field go through pre post conditions from one side of the brain function to the other and recover to a certain extent.

    Years of observation, in trading, and specifically in the order of events of building full differentiation through a learning process, well establishes the relationship of the conscious and the unconscious.

    This includes the consideration of where, in the process, noise and anomaly considerations evaporate.

    One constraint of brain and mind function which is very important is that the mind does not process negatives in any manner.

    What is it like to observe a mind fully differentiated and using a system that is totally complete and certain in trading? Not many people get to have such an experience.

    Also, by looking at the process of transference it become more and more an understanding of the significance of the significance of the "offset" of unconscious and conscious knowledge and skills.

    The stark contrast of the emotional sets between the two trading belief systems, one an inductive based belief system (yours) or the deductive complete noise and anomaly free system (ours); it is remarkable.

    The emotional context of a belief system most affects the trading practitioner's ability to percieve the relationship of the unconscious to the conscious. One of the nicest factors with respect to all of this is that how the mind works is, today, very well documented.

    One of the neatest occurances is that the several mind training programs have significant overlap and all are harmonious with one another.