paul volcker?

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  1. is paul volcker the guy who put high intrests rates on the economcy in the what 70s 80s that eventually caused the usd to rise?

    is he still alive? if so what's he doing at the fed?
  2. Dude, he hasn't been at the Fed for a long time.

    There's this awesome tool called "Google". Try it out.
  3. lol k
  4. As oer Google:

    He is today an economic advisor to President Barack Obama. Mr. Volcker heads the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board
  5. However, he's been "kicked to the curb"... his ideas and philosophy about "prudent monetary and fiscal policy" are not popular with the Obama tyranny.
  6. You don't get it and neither do the rest of Volcker's worshipers. He plays and has always played for the same team that is in charge now.

    His policies induced stagflation, tax increases and started the offshoring of USA's manufacturing & industrial base. Sound money is far from his philosophy.

    Volcker is one of the primary henchmen for the banksters. Just look at his professional life.
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  8. If I'm an idiot then you are breaking record of severity of retardation.

    Inflation & dollar lows were setting new records during Volcker's term.
  9. I always thought that the inflation was caused by printing cheap dollars to pay off the other stupid war dept. Moreover, I was never so well off. Paid off two houses and was offered ocean front lots on Hatteras island for 8k apiece.
  10. Yes, but Volcker's actions countered inflation in the long run, and as a result, we had one of the best economic periods of growth ever.
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