Paul Volcker and Ray Dalio

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  1. Should ask Paul what he thinks of transgenders.
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  2. 31:10 to 35:15 was a classic, you see the darkside of Ray Dalio, has intelligent as he is, he seems to be this thing for domination, when Volcker replied his answer, it caught Dalio offguard and you see it in his eyes, his point of view got " threatened "

    Never knew about Paul Volcker until now but his picture should be matched to the word patriot in the dictionary, that's about as solid as it gets about wanting better for your society and country... Excellent video
  3. He likes Chinese-style government. Gross.
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  4. My opinion on the many videos watched of Dalio is he's a high functioning Sociopath/Psychopath, he often links things associated with dominance in relevance to good leadership, which life experiences thought me is absolutely false. For a guy that experienced in business to still believe that, has to be a personality flaw
  5. Nobert


    Can you share ,few examples of those ?
  6. He likes hierarchy, for the purposes of expedience. It makes sense: he is/was his fund, needs to be the ultimate Responsible Party (TM)
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  8. Love this article. All I can say about my interactions with the man himself is I gave him a big bear hug when I was a little drunk.
  9. A great video. Actually I didn't see any sign that Ray Dalio got angry.

    Dalio's book has more details about the dinner that he and Volcker had with Lee Kuan Yew, which was discussed in this video.
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