Paul Tudor Jones - what were his returns *after* Market Wizards?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cutten, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Cutten


    All who read the book know me made 100% a year 5 years in a row up to the Market Wizards interview. Anyone know how much he made after that?

    The reason I ask is I often see his numbers now cited as 22-23% per annum since inception. But if he made 100% for the first 5 years, that means he made much *less* than 22% for the subsequent 20 years after the interview.

    Anyone got the real numbers?
  2. Neodude


    Those are not his numbers. The funds that are mentioned in the media are run by PMs hired by him, he runs another fund for which the performance is not released because it doesn't have investors outside his family.

  3. tgtrader


    Paul has never had a down year. Ever. Unfortunately, it seems that may change this year. Anyway, no, he did not return 100% every year since he founded Tudor, but he has an exceptional track record. Regardless of how this year ends up, I still think he is one of the greatest traders to ever live.
  4. You want what I think? I think that guy made less that index and just used leverage, or publications hype.

    I would even bet that he has negative between inception to today.

    PTJ must be just a name to attract money.

    Similar to W. going to war based on lies. If W. get do it with people's lives who not PTJ with people's money.
  5. tgtrader


    Yeah, you're right, he never made those returns. His multi-billion dollar net worth is mostly fake monopoly money.
  6. "...I still think he is one of the greatest traders to ever live"

    That is lie. I know it is a big lie.

    If PJT thinks otherwise, why he does not face me (RFT) live on TV screens, like chess world championships?

    I will put him in a dust bin of trading history in the first rounds. He can pick any underlying he pleases, any army of analysts he can hire, anyhting. I need just a chart, and an old computer.
  7. Neodude


    Maybe you should do a bit of research before you place your bet...

  8. I know it is a lie because I have the proof by contradiction that it is a lie.

    Maths never lie, but people do.
  9. Cutten


    That's why I'm interested in how he has done over the years. But if the info is private, I guess I am not going to find out.
  10. tgtrader


    This is further proof that you are actually a moron. If you were really such a great trader, you wouldn't need (or care) to make posts on an internet message board claiming your superiority.

    "Maths never lie, but people do"

    Exactly, and you are lying.
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