Paul Tudor Jones wants Christie to run

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    21 Jul 2011 at 11:43 AM

    If Chris Christie Were To Theoretically Run For President, He Could Theoretically Count On Money From Paul Tudor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller, Et Al

    By Bess Levin

    Earlier this week, Ken Langone invited 50 hedge fund managers and other financial services employees to his office. The occasion? A sit down with with Chris Christie, who the Home Depot founder apparently forced to discuss the possibility of running for president. Here’s what the New Jersey governor had to say:

    I’m not running, but I came because Langone is so aggressive, he basically just physically shook me into doing it. I’ve weighed this carefully; I didn’t dismiss it out of hand. There were four considerations:

    1) One question was: Where’s my wife? She’s not enthused.
    2) The second is: I looked ahead at the potential for two years of running, and not seeing my kids. If I won, six years of not seeing them. If I won a second term, 10 years of not seeing them. Missing my kids growing up is a big deal to me, and it was a big reason. The wife was the biggest. The children were the second.
    3) I’m staying in New Jersey. I am not just going to quit halfway through my term. The people trusted me, and I feel like I owe that trust and faith some fidelity.
    4) And fourth: Could I win? Could I really do it? I think I would win – not saying I would win, but I could win.

    I recognize that not all of you would immediately commit, but it certainly makes me realize that if I were to run, and had this group were behind me, I certainly wouldn’t have any problem raising money.

    Despite Christie’s insistence he won’t run, attendees, which included Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller were apparently left wanting more, having been impressed with CC’s “emphasis on family and commitment, and flashes of disarming humor.”
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    Max E.

    Mav, did you see the interview with Christie on Piers Morgan? After seeing that interview, it sealed the deal for me, there is less than a zero percent chance of him running, they interviewed his wife and kids too, and they were an absolute 100% no as well.

    None the less, if you get a chance, it was a pretty good interview.
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    I did see that interview. A guy that actually cares more about his family then politics. That's rare.
  4. The weaker Obama looks, the more interested potential challengers get. If Christie could carry his home state, there is just no plausible way the dems could win. I very much doubt Obama will carry states like Florida, NC or Virginia again.

    I see four plausible candidates at this stage.

    1. Mitt Romney. Front runner. Positives: looks presidential, it's his "turn", can raise a lot of money, business experience. Negatives: MIA on deficit talks, flip flops on social issues and health care, never shown the ability to connect with primary voters, Mormon issue.

    2. Rick Perry. Hovering just off stage. Positives: true blue conservative, can raise a lot of money, successful governor of big state, not one to shirk from a fight. Negatives: reminds people too much of Bush.

    3. Michele Bachmann. Dazzling performance in NH debate separated her from pack. Positives: Tea Party favorite, conservatives love her take no prisoners style. Negatives: potentially vulnerable to democrat smears, polarizing when we need the election to be about obama rather than the republican candidate.

    4. Chris Christie. Practicing Hamlet soliloquy. Positives: Tea Party favorite, showed guts and considerable agility in taking down unions, can raise tons of money, democrats must carry NJ. Negatives: lack of national experience, small body of work to evaluate, may not be in tune with primary voters on social issues, etc.
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    Max E.

    I agree, it made me want to vote for him even more, sad that he wont run.

    One other thing i find interesting about PTJ wanting to vote for Christie, isnt PTJ a known democrat?
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    Max E.

    Its funny for all the chirping dems were doing about what a weak field this was going to be when the goobers like santorum and pawlenty first thrrew their hats in, we now actually have a couple people who i think could easily take out Obama if the economy keeps going, plus we have an ace for a VP in Marco Rubio, who will help get some of the hispanic vote.

    Dems sure changed gears in a heartbeat from laughing about how weak the field was a few weeks ago, to realising how weak Obama is, and going into smear mode on the republicans, this will be the ugliest election ever, once Obama becomes vulnerable we are going to see the race card played at unprecedented levels even by liberal standards.

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    Well he voted for Obama, but so did 70% of the hedge fund industry. Ken Griffin also voted for Obama and he is a Republican. I think Obama really cleaned up with the independent vote in 2008. He will not have their support in 2012. PTJ strikes me as a guy who has supported an equal number of democrats and republicans.
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    Max E.

    Ok, i must have been mistaken, i could have sworn i read that he was a democrat somewhere.
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    He gave money to both Obama and Guiliani in 2008.
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    Max E.

    I also meant to say something about this but forgot. I actually think that what Romney is doing smart, there is no way that we are going to be able to do anything about the deficit, besides what gets done here on the debt ceiling as long as Obama is in charge.

    If Romney starts going off on the deficit and deficit reduction, then he snookers himself into talking about what he is going to do to change it. If he starts talking about doing anything with Social security, or medicare/medicaid, the dems are just going to demagogue him to death over it, like they did to Ryan, the second he put his plan out, and if he talks about raising taxes, he loses the tea party.

    I think the best thing that republicans can do at this point is keep focused on jobs,and the economy and what a colossal failure obama has been in that area, as well as how much Obama has spent since being in office. Just keep hammering that point home repeatedly as Obama has absolutely no defense for that, this debt ceiling increase will end up taking us through the 2012 elections anyways, and we wont be able to change anything about it until someone else is in office, so why give your opponent ammo, and bring up a losing issue, before you even get into office and get a chance to do something about it.

    Then if he wins the presidency, he can do something about it from the inside.

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