Paul Tudor Jones videotape

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  1. barthowb


    Looking for a copy of THE TRADER, a videotape by Paul Tudor Jones produced a number of years ago. Have a great interest in finding a copy.
  2. Let me know if you do. I gave mine away a long time ago. Trader's Press says it's no longer available.
  3. I sort of remember it being on TV once ...
  4. speaking of legendary short-sellers....:D
  5. hey bung - a - lo.

    I think the reason it's out of circulation is that he doesn't want to be made a scapegoat if things get really ugly. Just a hunch.
  6. I have an original copy. It's quite interesting. Not sure I want to sell it. What am I bid?
  7. Stardust-
    run off a few copies and you could make a few bucks.
  8. Tudor has the honor of being the test case on married puts. Interesting read.
  9. should you decide to sell, i am interested.

  10. yo, yo, yo whassa dilly? PTJ is like my hero!:p
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