Paul Tudor Jones--- Ultra Rare Autograph

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  1. I thought VN was the greatest trader of all time? Maybe you can sell the rag you use to buff his car.
  2. Tarnation! You beat me to it. :D
  3. VN is the greatest living speculator.

    Tudor Jones is considered by many to be the greatest trader of all time.

    there is a difference.

  4. I am well aware of the difference. The trader plans his trades carefully paying attention to risk:reward ratios. Uses appropriate leverage and cuts losses short.

    The speculator is more of a gambler, using tremendous leverage, throwing aside any caution of risk to go for that big score to satiate their ego.
  5. I have a signed picture of myself and Paul at a barbecue in Florida playing cards. Wanna buy it?
  6. Given your history of floggin non orginal PTJ videos how can anyone trust that this card is the orginal?

    You may indeed have the orginal but with your previous history all bidders need to be warned that this could be a copy too.

  7. post it.

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