Paul Tudor Jones---trader--- Rare!

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  1. for sale:

    a rare copy of TRADER by PAUL TUDOR JONES.

    Watch the secretive and highly succesful hedge fund manager make decisions and call the crash of 1987. This extemely rare piece of market history was inexplicitly pulled from the market days after release. what is it that PTJ does not want you to know, why was this tape surpressed?? Bidding starts at $250.00

  2. How can it be rare when you're churning out copies in your basement? Just curious, how many such rare copies have you managed to sell already? And weren't they going for about $500 a pop at one point? Is there any wonder why thinking people question your credibility? Of course, that is not the audience you are targeting, is it?
  3. There is nothing special on it. One of my friends worked for Tudor for 8 years before going on his own and has a copy, that's how I saw it.

    It's cool to see a legend , but it's worth no more then the price of a movie rental.
  4. Send me a copy for free. You pay for overnight shipping.

    And I won't forward this thread to PTJ, the FBI, the FTC etc.

    I'mm PM you my address.

    And I almost forgot, pu tit on DVD. Nobody uses a VCR anymore.
  5. how's the mortgage business, uptik??

    :p :p
  6. Great. I just got paid today for 4 closings. It's going to be a good evening in beautiful Saratoga Springs tonight! :)

  7. is that the horse track??


  8. His lawyers are not someone I would want to mess around with.. One phone call from him could make your life a living hell. Even if you are in the right, you will lose just trying to protect your "rights." And all for just 250 bucks.
  9. Pabst


    Surfer, A friend of mine works for Tudor. They looked upon you're earlier attempts to shill this tape with amusement but said they'll sue you if they find out you're trying to make a profit.

    Do you report the VCR revenue to the IRS?
  10. The track is there but that season doesn't start until late July. And THAT is a fun time.

    If you ever come up let me know and I'll buy you and G a drink.
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