Paul Tudor Jones- Trader Documentry DVD

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  1. Hi,

    I was clearing up some of my things and found a DVD copy of the famous PBS Trader documentry on Paul Tudor Jones. If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of this rare documentry, give me a PM.

  2. Pekelo


    I would like to see a picture of this DVD, because I have 100 bucks that they never made official DVDs of the program. It was broadcasted way before DVDs were common, and later on PTJ didn't let it be commercially sold. The most I can imagine is that somebody burnt it on a DVD.... That's what you are talking about? By the way it is freely available on the net.

    So do you have a picture of the DVD or can you just send me the 100 bucks???

    I have another 100 bucks that it is you Surf.... :)
  3. You are correct, only VHS tapes where made of the original doc. Its not me, I don't use aliases-- you can paypal me the $100----


    PS-- I can't believe that the tape sold for thousands--- pretty funny!
  4. toolazy


    ptj must be in love with himself :)

    like some over the hill actor.
  5. have you been to his home during Christmas time?
  6. toolazy


    nope, duno the guy. just an idea I got because these ptj documentaries thing appears every now and then.
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  8. Pekelo


    You mean anymore or never? By the way you can't prove this negative.... :)